• Assistive Listening Device  This church has an Assistive Listening Device which consists of an low power transmitter which transmits an FM signal to a standard FM radio receiver.  The transmitter was built by our UMYF group several years ago and is now operational.  It is connected to the church's sound system so that whenever the sound system is on, we transmit a low power signal on 96.7 Megahertz. To enable our parishioners to hear the transmitted signal, we have provided four FM receivers with earphones.  Two of the radios are by Radio Shack and have earbud type earphones.  the other two radios are by Sony and have more conventional over-the-ear type earphones.  All of the radios are pre-tuned to 96.7 MHz. Select the one that suits you best. Please return it when you leave the church.  If you need assistance, please see one of the greeters when you enter the sanctuary.   


  • Coffee Hours   The Evangelism/Missions Committee and Adult Sunday School Class are jointly sponsoring coffee hours for the congregation every Sunday, after the 9:30 A.M. worship service. On Sundays when we do not have special coffee hours, we will have mini-coffee hours. These will consist of cookies and either vegetables or fruit, along with coffee. From time to time, we will call on congregation members for assistance. Every Sunday coffee hours should add to the enjoyment of your social time in the Fellowship Hall.



  • Since 2011 this church has netted a profit of $19,104.00 from the sale of grocery cards. We can thank those church members who buy grocery cards at Safeway, Weis, and Giant for these additional funds for the church. How it works is really pretty simple.  A church member purchases a grocery card from the church for $100, $50, or $25 dollars.  The church member shops at Weis, Giant or Safeway and buys groceries, flowers, prescriptions, even Starbucks coffee at some stores.  Your card is worth exactly what you paid for it.  At Safeway you may purchase gift cards from their gift mall.  You will receive double gas rewards in the amount of your purchase.  For example, if you buy a gift card for $50 your gas credits will be double or $100. Giant also allows you to purchase gift cards with your grocery card.  They have gas credits as well. Weis stores do not allow you to purchase gift cards with your grocery card.  However everything in all stores may be purchased with your grocery card. So how does your purchase help the church? These three stores allow us to purchase the grocery card with a 5% discount and as you can see it does pay off. Unfortunately sales are falling behind what we have sold in the past.  There are several holidays during the summer, picnics, and lots of socializing due to summer time.  Please consider purchasing gift cards to pay for your groceries at these stores.  It is a painless way to help the church.

  • Remember someone with flowers!

  • A "flower calendar" is located in the sanctuary near the stairs to the balcony.  This calendar is for placing orders for flower arrangements on the altar for the church services on Sundays.  The flowers are placed to honor or remember loved ones or special events like weddings and birthdays.  The cost to provide the two arrangements is $31.00 and the arrangements may be taken home following the 9:30 AM service.  Please contact Sue Everhart if you have any questions.


  • United Methodist Women (UMW)  This church is in the Central Maryland District. C The UMW meet on the first Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.  The Incredible