Adult Bible Study Class

Sunday school classes have probably been going on continuously in Kemptown since the building of the first church in 1836, the small building referred to as the “log meeting house.”

For many years, the Adult Bible Class has studied the publication entitled “Adult Bible Studies.” This is an official resource for the United Methodist Church approved by the General Board of Discipleship and published quarterly by Cokesbury, The United Methodist Publishing House, Nashville, Tennessee. One of the advantages of using this material is that it covers the Bible over a three year period. The lessons relate very closely to the weekly sermons throughout the year.

Our teacher for the past twenty years has been and continues to be Kay Loun. She is a very dedicated teacher and is quite knowledgeable of the Bible. On the very rare occasions when she is unable to attend Sunday school, our substitute leader is Pat Schemm, sister-in-law of Kay. The class is a very cohesive group and enjoys the weekly Sunday school class. We meet year round without a summer break. Sometimes class study material leads to a discussion of current events. This gives everyone an opportunity to participate in suggesting solutions. With the knowledge and experience of the members, advice is often sought regarding various church activities. This has been very helpful over the years.

We always welcome more members to our class, and make it a point to invite new church members.