Student Homelessness Initiative Partnership of Frederick County (SHIP)

Poverty and homelessness are widespread within our schools, and our students are not immune. They exist in every city and town within Frederick County. The community came together in late 2013 after learning that there are literally hundreds of children within Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) that are encountering homelessness each year, and in early 2014 SHIP was founded.  In School Year 2016-17, homeless students were located in 61 of the 66 FCPS. This issue cuts across all grades and all ethnicities.



SHIP provides support to FCPS students encountering homelessness by:

1.       Providing new clothing and footwear based upon specific requests placed by school-based homeless liaisons.

2.       Funding for out-of-school extracurricular activities, from music lessons to art camps and sport programs. If a child desires to participant in something that interests them, they will find a way to make it happen.

3. Providing emergency shelter for students and their families who initially fall into homelessness when no other options exist. By providing a room over their head, SHIP will help to relieve the stress of the situation so that professional case management can work to help the family make improvements in their lives. For more information please visit SHIP: 


During August, all the Children’s Time Mission offerings, and your donations, will help SHIP provide essential support to the homeless children of Frederick County. 

Be a SHIPmate!

 VBS + Children’s Mission Project Offerings =
School Supplies for Red Bird Christian School


            During June, the offerings collected during Vacation Bible School and the Sunday Children’s Time, along with your generous donations, totaled $818.23.  Hooray!!  This money will be sent to the Red Bird Christian School in Beverly, KY.  The school is in the Appalachian Mountains near Red Bird Mission.  It serves students in grades PreK-12 and focuses on developing the full potential of its students in a Christian atmosphere.  Their school needs list is long and our donation will help purchase a lot of school supplies.  THANK YOU!


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