Notes from Pastor DD


Greetings brothers and sisters in the Lord,


Psalm 150 has six verses that sketch out a way for us to praise God. It’s a way to give honor and show our admiration for God. Anywhere we are at any given time we can praise God for his acts of power. We can praise him for his outstanding greatness that can’t be equaled or rivaled.

You may have asked this question. “Why should we praise the Lord?” Children may ask, “Does God need encouragement? Is that why we should praise him?” We praise God because God is worthy of our praise! The Psalmist says that everything that has breathe should praise the Lord! This is where we received our breath! And only God can give us breath that does more than just breathe! Our breath rejoices! And on Thanksgiving Day our thanks to God is on our mind.

We praise God “according to the Lord’s surpassing greatness.” We praise God for choosing us as his children and giving us understanding, for continuing to cleanse our hearts, enlighten our minds, and bend our wills. For God speaks to us and works through us according to his excellent greatness.

We praise God for all he has done and for the greatness and kindness of his love that saved us and led us to repentance. God’s grace and gifts have poured down on us enabling and empowering us to worship him in all things. For the greatness of what he has promised us surpasses and goes beyond what we could even begin to imagine.

And all this encouragement moves us to investigate further and rejoice continually about the greatness of his works and see his glory in all of creation. That we should meditate and acknowledge God in all that we see and experience. And to then responsively tell about his excellent greatness in all we do to honor him. And to pray that in all we do our telling in word and in deed would never contradict the honor that’s due to him! And that our lives would speak the praise that lead others to desire him.

If we walk through a woods we hear the praises of God in all that he has put into creation for our enjoyment. We hear the birds sing in the trees; the stream that murmurs and relaxes us with a peaceful whisper as we feel God’s gentle breeze on our face. And our heart exclaims “How great Thou art!

When we take a walk in nature one of the first things that gently strokes our spirit is that God created all that you see and hear and feel, and it ministers to the core of your being. Psalm 19, 2-4 says that the work of God’s hands, day after day pour forth speech and night after night they reveal knowledge. They have no speech, they use no words; no sound is heard from them. Yet their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world.

Have your family give praise and thanksgiving this year when you all sit at a Thanksgiving table and see the bounty of blessings in front of you. God loads us down daily with benefits, so let’s give thanks in all we do and praise God for his everlasting love to us.  


Grace and peace,

Pastor DD