Notes from Pastor DD

Greetings brothers and sisters in the Lord!


Itís so easy to get caught up in a moment that provokes fear and anxiety. We look at the circumstances, we look at what we see and what we feel. We look at the external, what weíve heard someone say, and to make matters worse, weíre already exhausted! How do we slow down, take a deep breath, and include God in our situation before we jump ahead of God and leave the Lord out of our situation?


      Looking back over the last few months, I see numerous sermons that were given to Providence that were about this very topic. How do we include more of God in our livesóespecially during those moments we give fear the control and our first reaction is to panic! 


      Avoiding anxiety and fear is realizing whatís happening in the moment and where the position of our heart lies. Our aim is to not be controlled

and to be reactionary to our circumstances, but rather to discern what the Lord would have us do. Itís about discerning the moment and time.


      For myself, if Iím truly present in the moment, really listening, God will lead me to tune into others as I tune into Him.



      To stop the chatter in my mind, to stay quiet, and to ask God to unravel whatís happening. To peel back the layers of what I presume is happening not leaning on my own understanding, but acknowledging God.


      The prophet Elijah had this very situation. Queen Jezebel was infuriated with him and was determined to kill Elijah. Instead of asking for Godís leading, he panicked and jumped ahead of God and ran for his life. Good news is that God went with him! God ministered to Elijah in the midst of all that fear and anxiety. God stayed with him in order to teach him how to quiet himself, to breath, and to find Godís presence when he felt so frightened.


      Elijah heard God in the silence and let him know that He isnít always in the dramatic signs and wonders. The Lord taught Elijah the importance of making God the focus of oneís faith not making our circumstances the focus. Our responsibility is to focus on God and be faithful to what Heís called us to and leave Him responsible for the results.


              Grace and peace, Pastor DD