Notes from Pastor DD


Greetings brothers and sisters in the Lord!


Happy Easter to all reading this April newsletter! Praying you all had a spiritual and meaningful Season of Lent. It’s a time we take inventory of ourselves and remember who we are and where we want to go in the coming year. We clean our inner house and acknowledge, we can’t change our hearts and lives on our own!


Change of any kind is difficult, but I know that if one allows Christ into their heart and life and engage with the spirit attentively and diligently, the result is rising above those things in our lives that weigh us down—it’s called baggage. If Christ is risen, I know the church will also rise! The people who once were broken and wondered if there was a way have now been lifted with Christ. We are Easter people!


As the U.M. hymn Easter People, Raise Your Voices says, “Christ has brought us heavenly choices.” We press on, as the apostle Paul, because Christ has made us his own! We forget what lies behind and strain forward to what lies ahead, [we] press on toward the goal for the prize

of the heavenly call of God in Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:12-14).


Our human nature is really quite unnegotiable, but because Christ has made us his own, we can make those heavenly choices. We all have a unique destiny before us. We’re risen with Christ, but this also imposes a serious challenge


to us. First, we must to rise above the inhumanness of oppression and violence in our world. It starts one person at a time. We will make mistakes, but we’re also a forgiven people. Our God is the God of 1st and 2nd opportunities to continue to do our best. Romans 12 in a nutshell!


The Bible offers so many examples of human nature and the difficulty in embracing transformation. It's everyone’s call to rise above a level that simply cruises and coasts in life. We’re called to do our best and to keep on trying.


God’s people having a strong spirit within them to rise above situations of cruelty and marginalization, but it starts with us. Not putting ourselves above others, but allowing God to do as God would please as we all grow spiritually together.


Let’s bind ourselves lovingly together since we are Easter people and encourage one another. With each other and with God we shall do valiantly! Surely if the resurrection is central to our beliefs, we must believe that there is nothing that cannot change in this world with the risen Christ in control.  Be blessed.


Peace and grace to you,   

                               Pastor DD