Upcoming Events




Wed., March 13, 12:30 pm – Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day Combined!


Due to the cancellation of the February social, we’ll have a double-day celebration.

Feeling lucky?  We’ll be playing WHITE ELEPHANT BINGO.  Please bring a small item/trinket/treasure/"junque" you already have at home that you can donate as a bingo prize. Don’t buy anything/one item per person, please.  Wear GREEN or pay the penalty!

Pot-luck lunch. Meat & drinks provided.


Future Dates


          April 10 – Tom Fleming (our musical entertainment for the canceled February Social)

          May 8 – An afternoon at the cabin. 


Family Movie Night

Saturday, March 30
5 pm - Worship Hall

$5 per ticket

Join us to watch "The Star!"  A small brave donkey named Bo and his loveable animal friends embark on a funny and heartful journey to become the accidental heroes of the greatest story ever told... the first Christmas.  Refreshments, drinks and popcorn available to purchase. Sign up sheet is in front of the church.



TIME: 9:30AM worship service

                 WHERE: PROVIDENCE UMC—

(In the sanctuary is where we’ll be!)

WHAT WILL BE DIFFERENT: We’re not sure. That’s up to the Holy Spirit friends! BUT, it is the 4th Sunday of Lent!





  Spread good news.

  Invite others to your church.

  Show God’s kindness and include others. Reach out.



Come one come all to clean up our church and make it look beautiful!

On Saturday, April 6th from 8:30AM until “whenever” come on

out and help. We need men, women, and children present.

It takes a village to clean our grounds and around

the parsonage. You are part of our village!

If it rains, we have a rain date on the next Saturday. Same time same station.




PUMC is looking for a Youth Director!!   

Providence United Methodist Church is looking for a part-time Youth Director to serve the church youth (grades 6-12)of our church. Providence is a community church needing to increase our overall attendance on Sundays. Our youth attendance is low in that many have graduated in the last year and our last youth director moved to Florida! Presently our group is about 5 teens, but has great potential to grow if a youth director came on with us! 
Please click here for the job description.

Another Fund Raising Opportunity

Although you may not want to think about it yet, Christmas shopping is just around the corner. If you plan to do some or much of your shopping on Amazon, you can also help the church at no additional cost to you. Amazon has a shopping option called Amazon Smile that makes charitable donations to many non-profit organizations. Providence UMC is one such organization. While the amount donated for each individual purchase may seem insignificant, multiple purchases by multiple shoppers can lead to meaningful assistance to the church – and as noted earlier, the process is totally painless to you, the shopper. To enroll, you must first have an Amazon account. Once your account is established, go to smile.amazon.com. When queried for the organization you wish to support, type “Providence United Methodist Church”. From the list that drops down, select the first choice (Monrovia, MD). That’s all you need to do. Amazon Smile is not just limited to Christmas shopping; it’s available all year. Why not give it a try?

How do I sign up for Amazon Smile?

1. Go to https://smile.amazon.com/ch/52-1931585

2. Amazon will ask you to sign in to your account.

3. Once you are on the Amazon main page, click on Supporting tab under the search box.

4. Click on Change or Add...

5. Search Providence United Methodist church - monrovia, md

6. Hit Select next to our church

7. Then begin shopping.

8. When shopping at amazon, please use the smile.amazon.com and .5 will go back to the church.

The New Providence U.M. Church Sill Sitters have arrived!

Please see or call Linda Beale (301-829-6484) or Julie Thompson (301-798-3617; email  jnrthompson@yahoo.com) to get one (or more).  $20 each