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Wednesday, May 8, 12:30 noon -

      Cabin Time!

It's time for lunch at the cabin and a walk around the pond.  Join us for an afternoon relaxing and enjoying God's creation.  Everything for lunch provided.  Please join us!  Ask Julie or Richard for directions if you haven’t been there with us before (301-253-3608).


Future Dates


    June 12 – Flag Day Picnic & Celebration

    July 10 – A Restaurant Outing??                                                                                                                             

Save the date for …

Saturday, June 15, 2019

       9 am – 11:30 am at PUMC

for our 5th Meal Packaging Event.

In 1998, envisioning a world without hunger, Ray Buchanan — a United Methodist minister — founded Stop Hunger Now. In 2017, Stop Hunger Now rebranded to become Rise Against Hunger (RAH).  Driving Rise Against Hunger’s work is the recognition that ending hunger is more than just feeding people, which led Rise Against Hunger to focus its feeding programs in areas where they can have a real impact and expand their hunger-fighting programs beyond meal packaging and distribution.

Rise Against Hunger meal packaging volunteers produce millions of nutritious meals annually that are then distributed to partners in countries around the world. Those partners are best able to address the causes and effects of hunger based on their local presence and expertise. Through a thorough monitoring and evaluation process, RAH ensures the meals distributed by those partners are used as a tool to change lives by promoting education, improving students’ health and nutrition, addressing gender inequalities, stimulating economic growth and fighting child labor.


Providence packaged 20,300 meals in 2018 that were sent to Malawi, a country in southeastern Africa, bordered by Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe. 


Join us for our 5th Meal Packaging Event.  This year we will package 10,150 meals. This is a hands-on project where volunteers work in an assembly line to package high protein, vitamin rich meals. 


RAH is encouraging all who plan to attend this year’s event to register online using this event page.  Please note I said “encouraging”, not “required”.  On-line registration is easy.  I’ve already done mine and received my confirmation.  If you prefer to register with me, Julie Thompson, please call 301-798-3617.  Fifty (50) volunteers are needed.  YOU (children 4+ and adults) ARE NEEDED!



Interested in CPR and AED Training?


            The Evangelism/Missions Committee would like to offer a CPR training class if enough people are interested.  Also, training of the automated external defibrillator (AED) will be provided.  The AED is a portable device that checks the heart rhythm and can send an electric shock to the heart to try to restore a normal rhythm.  AEDs are used to treat sudden cardiac arrest.  There is an AED at the church located on the wall between the bathrooms.  The class will most likely be on a weekend.  The date will be scheduled when it's known we have enough people interested.  There is a sign-up sheet at the back of the church.  OR  e-mail Julie Thompson (jnrthompson@yahoo.com) or call (301-798-3617) if you are interested.





We are in need of a Finance Chair and Church Council Chair. Please consider taking one of these positions and lightening the load of others who are now doing multiple jobs. Training is available. If interested please contact Pastor DD or Bob Drury.   



If you have something you would like to share with the congregation please call our church secretary at 301-831-9540 and I will be happy to get the information out to everyone. I work during the day but you can leave a message or email me the information at pespitler@gmail.com to share with others. Patty                                                                                                                                     

PUMC is looking for a Youth Director!!   

Providence United Methodist Church is looking for a part-time Youth Director to serve the church youth (grades 6-12)of our church. Providence is a community church needing to increase our overall attendance on Sundays. Our youth attendance is low in that many have graduated in the last year and our last youth director moved to Florida! Presently our group is about 5 teens, but has great potential to grow if a youth director came on with us! 
Please click here for the job description.

Another Fund Raising Opportunity

Although you may not want to think about it yet, Christmas shopping is just around the corner. If you plan to do some or much of your shopping on Amazon, you can also help the church at no additional cost to you. Amazon has a shopping option called Amazon Smile that makes charitable donations to many non-profit organizations. Providence UMC is one such organization. While the amount donated for each individual purchase may seem insignificant, multiple purchases by multiple shoppers can lead to meaningful assistance to the church – and as noted earlier, the process is totally painless to you, the shopper. To enroll, you must first have an Amazon account. Once your account is established, go to smile.amazon.com. When queried for the organization you wish to support, type “Providence United Methodist Church”. From the list that drops down, select the first choice (Monrovia, MD). That’s all you need to do. Amazon Smile is not just limited to Christmas shopping; it’s available all year. Why not give it a try?

How do I sign up for Amazon Smile?

1. Go to https://smile.amazon.com/ch/52-1931585

2. Amazon will ask you to sign in to your account.

3. Once you are on the Amazon main page, click on Supporting tab under the search box.

4. Click on Change or Add...

5. Search Providence United Methodist church - monrovia, md

6. Hit Select next to our church

7. Then begin shopping.

8. When shopping at amazon, please use the smile.amazon.com and .5 will go back to the church.

The New Providence U.M. Church Sill Sitters have arrived!

Please see or call Linda Beale (301-829-6484) or Julie Thompson (301-798-3617; email  jnrthompson@yahoo.com) to get one (or more).  $20 each